Virtual Agents


Our Interactive Virtual Agents will give first class customer service whenever it’s required.

The benefits

Virtual Agents can answer your customers’ questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week helping them find the information they need and taking them to pages within your site, offering a speedy alternative to making a phone call.

• Uses sophisticated word and phrase recognition technology
• Gives the feeling of talking to a ‘real’ person
• Real time conversations 24/7 – never take holiday or sick leave
• Can hold the context of a conversation
• More appealing than standard FAQ systems
• Can integrate with web chat

For web users

Virtual Agents will give web users the information they want more quickly and efficiently than email or telephone, resulting in happier customers, increased online retention and reduced operational costs and resources for your business.


Virtual Agents are used in a variety of ways, including social media sites such as Facebook. For example a virtual agent in a Facebook application would allow users to ‘like’ and ‘share’ answers with their friends. In addition, there is the ability to gauge more information about the users such as age, location and interests.

Social Media

Virtual Agents are easily integrated into various social media platforms.

Adopting this interactive solution means brands can deliver instant customer service and sales support to their Facebook visitors, engaging them and retaining them within their site.

We have integrated our very own Virtual Agent, Paige, within our Facebook Welcome page

The Virtual Agent uses familiar social media tools and visitors are able to like and share. There is the capability to offer vouchers, special offers, run competitions and give meaningful analysis and reports.

Easy and open

• Easy to implement
• Supported using our totally managed service
• Integrates easily with your current technology
• Choose your avatar/character (if required) – animation, static image or moving video
• Choose your Virtual Agent’s personality!

Measuring results

Virtual Agent technology delivers valuable insights into customers’ behaviour and interaction with your brand that cannot be achieved with traditional web analytics.

Transcripts of user conversations with your Virtual Agent can be easily managed and analysed online giving you multiple, tacit views of your users and what they are saying, thinking and feeling.

It’s a long way from just measuring traditional ‘clicks’.

Virtual Agent Portfolio

National Rail Virtual Agent - LisaPark Christmas Savings - WandaFirst Great Western - SarahNHS East of England - Dr DunnVirtual Zone - Paige

Virtual Agents in Facebook

Virtual Agent - Paige in facebookVirtual Agent - Lisa in facebook

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